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Works in Progress. Nov 5, 2014. [Nov. 5th, 2014|12:15 am]
On the relative perception of time:

Dearly departed friend,
I will see you in the past.

It was a companion of mine, very alive and very near me who jovially spoke his often-heard farewell:
I will see you in the future!
Unconventional perhaps to speak with such sure affirmation
- yet we hope, in every moment, that it is an accurate forecast.
What better to want for but to be reunited with a friend, after all?
A lover, a team-mate, tu familia-carnal.
I will [I am certain] see you in the future!
See you in the future! A dramatically more optimistic stance than my sister's favorite
unconventional farewell
(a habit she began in childhood which greatly unsettled our parents)
"Bye, don't die!" - more of a request than a blessing.
Don't die [and] I will see you in the future.

Yet, setting aside optimism or pessimism for a neutral playing field,
as the future is [for all appearences] unwritten,
and who are we to demand or wrangle it into predictable obedience,
no, there is no taming the future,
I will make a second, more certain proclimation:
I will see you in the past.

To my friends, family, and all loved who have departed,
I propose another jovial farewell and mean it with the same anticipation
with the same absurdist reverence and sincerity;
until we meet again,
and I will see you in the past.

On Daylight Savings:
Whose daylight are we saving motherfuckers?
Business men? Roosters? Day dwellers with early mornings and sad sad eyes. You do nothing for my daylight, the darkness leaks in the bottom of our boat ever more quickly and I am treading waves of shadow all the live long night. Winter creeps its shady fingers into my bohemian sloth-nest; no, it cannot make me a morning person.